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Ceramic Floor Tiles

Porcelain Tiles

200x1200MM Wooden Plank


Geo Gres was founded in 2006. It manufactures products with a high technological content.

High quality material combined with unrivalled technology has enabled us to re-interpret some of the rarest, most refined and valuable products of nature, while also enhancing their technical and qualitative properties.

Our products are ideal for use in indoor and outdoor spaces and inspired by the latest trends in the worlds of interior and graphic design.

In pursuit of the best

Every stage in the process is constantly monitored: from the selection of the raw materials to storage; from the grinding of the blend to the mixing and cooking of the tiles; from the manufacturing process to quality control on the end products; from unfailing technical training to effective professional assistance, evidence of the Company’s efforts to improve its manufacturing processes and pursue the highest standards ever.

Research & Development is a strategic pillar of leadership where Geo Gres Ceramic has invested over 1 cr euros in the past few years, translated into equipment with the latest generation technology at several levels (presses, ovens, glazing production lines, automated movement means, electronic selection of tiles, digital printing equipment) to ensure high competitiveness and high quality of manufactured products with an excellent responsiveness to the changing consumer preferences.

600 X 1200 MM

600 X 600 MM

395 X 395 MM

Materials and technology

GEO GRES CONSIDERS ENERGY TO SAFEGUARDING AND REINFORCING ITS PRODUCTS’ QUALITY AND ORIGINALITY, THROUGH CONTINUAL, CONSTANT INVESTMENT IN INNOVATION AND THE IMPLEMENTATION OF NEW PRODUCTION PROCESSES. Aided by the service and the advertising tools the company provides to its customers, products have a strong, immediate, distinctive identity, with a contemporary, essential style.


Our approach to come up with new solutions for architecture. We take our inspiration from nature, to create a porcelain stoneware able to reflect its natural beauty .Our idea of quality is something we take on board with passion and determination, protecting the environment we live in and our hallmark Indian ceramic tradition. We promote on-going research and innovation in everything we do, and the result is projects the whole world can admire, expressing a design concept in keeping with contemporary living styles.